Monthly Archive: January 2015

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Underground systems for swing gates – pros and cons

Share it!  This article will present advantages and disadvantages of an underground automation system so that you can decide if this system is the right solution for you. A gate safeguards your property and serves as the main point of entry. In order to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort of...

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Nice products designed for the most demanding tasks

Share it!Not only does Nice offer motors for every type of building automation but it also boasts a wide range of products designed for extremely intensive usage.  The most resistant products can be installed on the heaviest of gates. If you are interested in motors that can handle tough work, check out Nice products...

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Choosing between fake and original gate automation systems

Share it!We are flooded with deceptively high quality products and constantly tempted with low prices – but are cheap gate automation systems really as good as the original products made by renowned manufacturers? Do brands ensure a better quality of the product? Or maybe low-priced imitations work just as well or even better...