Remote controls Q&A

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1. What exactly are remote controls for automatic systems?

Remote control is simply a radio transmitter, which sends an encoded signal to the decoding device of the radio receiver.

2. What are the possible applications of a remote control?

The possibilities are almost endless! A remote may be used to control gate motors, garage doors, blinds, awnings, windows, lights or even sprinklers.

3. Why does each manufacturer offer a variety of remote controls?

Remotes differ greatly in parameters such as wave frequency, radio wave type and encoding type. Apart from that, manufacturers offer a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes to choose from.

« Each remote control has three essential parameters: wave frequency , radio wave type and encoding type »

4. I have an older version of a remote control but I would like to buy another one. Can I choose a different model according to personal preference?

Not always. It’s vital that the remote controls and the device, which one intends to control, operate on the same radio wave type and frequency. Nice SMILO and Nice Flor, for instance, both operate on the same frequency of 433 Mhz. However, they use different types of radio waves, which ultimately makes them incompatible.

« Only the remotes of the same wave type, using the same wave frequency, are compatible with each other »

5. Which frequency should I use for my remote control?

Remote controls used in gate motors operate mostly on two frequencies – 433 MHz and 868 MHz. A lower frequency of a remote means that the signal has a smaller range, but it penetrates the walls easier. Such frequencies are recommended for remotes which communicate with receivers placed behind particularly thick walls. A frequency of 868 Mhz is best utilized in areas significantly affected by radio interferences.

« Choose the frequency of the remote control to best suit your needs »

6. Can I use a single remote to control devices made by different manufacturers?

Yes. It is important to remember that not all devices made by different manufacturers are compatible with each other. For example, if you have a remote for your garage door and want to buy a new motor for your entrance gate. It doesn’t have to be of the same brand so that is works with your remote control. It only needs to use a receiver compatible with your old remote.

« Motors can be controlled with a single remote as long as the receiver and the trasmitter are compatible with each other »

7. Fixed code and rolling code – what does it actually mean?

The difference between the fixed and rolling code lies in the type of the signal sent. In the case of the fixed code, the signal sent by pressing the button of the remote control is always the same. Such a scenario is disadvantageous, because you might accidently open both your and your neighbours gates, if they operate on a similar frequency. It’s different in the case of the rolling code, because the signal sent is always different – it changes based on an encoding algorithm.

8. Which type of code is safer?

Rolling code is significantly better. The remote control sends a different signal every time the button is pressed, based on a special encoding algorithm. The receiver is programmed so that it knows which signal to expect. Since each receiver-transmitter set has its own encoding algorithm and there are trillion of combinations for the frequency of 868 MHz, it’s impossible for the algorithm to repeat.


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