Access control – advantages and disadvantages (Part 2)

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We present the second part of the “Access control” article. Automatons producers are improving the branch of access accessories to improve your privacy and security. Read it to gain a lot interesting informations about all sophisticated access control devices. Learn how secure the acces to your property or company!


Came TSP01 stand-alone transponder for card

Came TSP01 stand-alone transponder for card

If somebody thinks that keys are relics, another handy way for access control is a magnetic card reader. This device combines the advantages of keypads and key switches. Moreover chip cards are more convenient and cards readers are very easy-to-use.


+ Programming large amounts of cards for inhabitants is possible

+ Cards readers liquidate the necessity of carring keys

+ Connection the entrance security with a computer enables to fully control the flow of inhabitants


–  Cardes are easy to lose

Access control card readers are a very comfotable access control solution.



Fingerprints scanner Hörmann FFL 12 BS

Fingerprints scanner Hörmann FFL 12 BS

It is probably the most advanced way of access control. This device scans the fingerprints and sends the information to an analytical unit. Only previously memorised fingerprints enables the door to open.


+ It is sure that you don’t forget the code or you don’t lose the keys or chip crad

+ HORMANN has in offer 3 types of fingerprints scanners, which can cooperate with devices of others producers

+ SOMFY has one modern fingerprint scanner


–  relatively expensive

The most advanced form of access control system.


In sum, access control and devices, that ensure it, have more advantages than disadvantages. Producers strive to ensure a lot of possibilities in respect of users needs and in a wide rage of prices. Everybody can additionaly ensure his own security and privacy, which isn’t connected with exaggerated prices. The acces control system in connection with a computer system let to monitor the flow of people in housing estates and companies. In most cases, preventing devices defects is sufficiented by daily caution, the same way you you take care of your car keys or  the PIN code.


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