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Moteurs pour portails coulissants BFT DEIMOS

BFT company made significant changes in their offer. Learn more about four brand new, modernized sliding gate motors !


BFT company offered electric engine DEIMOS BT 500. Twenty-four volt motor was perfect for residential sliding gates of weight up to 500 kg. However, manufacturer decided to change his offer for automation users. BFT introduced two new basic sliding gate operators :

  1. DEIMOS BT A400
  2. DEIMOS BT A600

Moteurs pour portails coulissants BFT DEIMOS et DEIMOS ULTRA
Two twenty-four volt electric engines replaced single one. Thanks to that choice of automations is more flexible. Motor designed for lighter gates is respectively cheaper. On the other hand 600 kg model provides power reserve and automation of heavier gates.

Both openers have a built-in HAMAL control panel with integrated dual-channel receiver and obstacle detection function. Safe operation is also secured by soft start and slow-down functions.

BFT provided not only reliable electro-mechanic, but also improved appearance. DEIMOS BT electrical engines are more elegant and discreet than older models. Motors can do 80 cycles per day. The only disadvantage of new gate operators is leaving trimmer programmed control board, which is upgraded in the next series…

economic DEIMOS A400 and A600 motors allow you better choose your automation, they are reliable and have many safety functions. Simultaneously, they have aesthetic look which is their additional advantage !



It is a continuation of novelties related with withdrawal of DEIMOS BT 500 gate opener. It is improved version of DEIMOS A400 and A600 motors. The integrated MERAK control board has an LCD display, which makes initial programming and later change of configuration significantly easier. Besides all others safety functions of DEIMOS motors, control panel has an additional reminder about the necessity of inspection. These openers are also provided with modern magnetic limit switches. Another advantage is that price is not much higher than basic DEIMOS BT motors.

The manufactured didn’t stop on showing new two motors. The ULTRA series has a modern control panel with an LCD display and easy programming function. Thanks to those changes, customers have a larger choice of great motors in different prices !

In sum, BFT enlarged their offer of sliding gate operators. Four new openers allows to make a perfect choice and gives a lot of possibilities. New design, elegant look, great performance… Pick your BFT DEIMOS !


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  1. paul says:

    Seems great. Can you tell us more about warranty and how we would get it serviced if required?



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