BLUE BUS connecting photocells was never that easy!

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bluebus installation

Do you know what is the BlueBus system? Learn how this system facilitate the installation of photocells. Get to know new possibilities of protecting your gate system with BlueBus from NICE!

According to the new European standards the photocells are a way compulsory of gate protection. In case of an accident the lack of photocells charges just the installer. The company NICE meet fitters and decided them a modern and extremely simple fitting system event for many photocells .

1. Blue line


Easy plug in of accessories to central board.

BlueBus system is designed to connect multiple sensors in parallel, with only two wires. Power and sensor wires are mutual. This solution extremely facilitates  all connections and allows you to put the installation quickly and easily. Moreover, it polarity does not matter, connecting the photocells is much easier than ever.

A modern solution of connection, Allows to save a lot of time and makes the photocells connection a child’s play.


2. Many photocells

BlueBus allows you to install up to seven pairs of photocells! Photocells are combined in pairs by a suitable combination of the electrical bridges on the back. Considering how easily connect sensors is even the maximum number of lines should not cause any difficulties during the connection.

Fitting a couple lines of photocells become easy. The “personalisation” of the sensors allows to avoid any mistakes.

bluebus photocells

1. Wire connection of photocells to central board without Blue Bus technology 2. Wire connection of photocells to central board with BlueBUS technology

3. Security above everything

The Blue Bus possess a sophisticated security system. Diodes signalizes the state of the photo line. In case of any miss functioning the problem is signalized at the beginning of the gate opening/closing. Malfunctioning photocells makes the gate opening impossible. It’s worth to know that the photocells in this system have a range of 15 m.

An auto lock of the gates during a the failure of photocells protects you against accidents.



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2 Responses

  1. Klaus says:

    What is maximum amount of photocells that can be connected to this system? I got 3 pairs (6 totall), will it easy fit to my system?

  2. Charles says:

    Merci pour l’article il m’a aidé de fair un choix ! J’ai installé 4 lignes de photocellules, sans aucun problème et très rapidement. J’ai choisi le modèle EPMB dans votre boutique en ligne.


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