Why FAAC 746 is an unfailing, and universal sliding gate motor for residential and commercial use?

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FAAC installed motor

If you seek an unfailing, and strong electric sliding gate motor you’ve found it! FAAC has one of the best sliding gate motors ever made. Read this short article and get to know why we recommend FAAC 746 to our clients.


universal 1. UNIVERSAL

FAAC 746 ER is a universal gate motor for sliding gates, it will work perfectly with residential and semi industrial gates. Thanks to different gears (Z16 and Z20) this gate opener can be adapted to the gate weight. FAAC 746 allows to automate long and heavy gates. The Z16 gear module is made for gates up to 600 kg and the Z20 up to 400 kg. This motor can be used even 40 m long gates!


shield2. SECURE

The manufacturer took care of the safety matters. FAAC 746 is very secure for the user and the gate surroundings.FAAC 746

  • The motor is self-locking, which ensures the property gate closing. The manual gate opening is impossible without using the release mechanism. It’s an additional protection against burglary.
  • A regulated clutch stops the motor from crushing an encountered obstacle. The system works with the modern 780D control unit. When the gate encounters an obstacle (car, man, animal, etc.) it reverses the movement or stops.


  • The wear of mechanical elements is minimized, a twin-clutch is permanently submerged in oil (FAAC XD 220), which allows a long and undisturbed work.
  • A precise gate movement regulation is possible thanks to a magnetic limit switch. Thanks to this mechanism the motor makes the exact number of rotations needed to open and lock the gate properly.
  • FAAC 746 is powered by 230V current but its intensity of use is even 70%. The exact work possibilities are calculated thanks to a formula foundyou will find in the manual.
  • A high thermal protection together with a reduced mechanical wear makes FAAC 746 truly unfailing. If you care about the maintenance it will serve you well for years!


modern4. MODERN

780D control unit

780D control unit

One of the major advantages of this electric gate motor is the 780D control unit.
Programing is easy thanks to a handy display, it’s performed on two levels – basic and advanced. The control unit allows to set the gate performance options precisely. The most important parameters are the force and operating time. The control board has 8 preset programs (ready to use).


In sum FAAC 746 is a perfect sliding gate motor – it combines universality, reliability, and a possibility of precise regulation with security.

In short words, FAAC can be the best choice for your gate!



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