Quiet, livable and unfailing – get to know more about FAAC hydraulic gate operators.

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Panne de courant

They were designed for the most demanding customers, for those who cares about reliability and extraordinary durability. In this article you will find the most important informations about hydraulic gate operators. Read the article and learn more about their different types of motors, specific abbreviations like CBC, CBAC and SBS! I invite you to read, let’s go !

Why should you choose a hydraulic gate operator from FAAC? This is simple! Those motors are the best and history proves it! FAAC is a pioneer company in hydraulic motor engineering. The first FAAC 400 model was created in 1965. After many improvements the manufacturer stated a massive production of the 402 series. The company was improving their products and now they are the most renowned specialist in this branch. You can now appreciate quiet work and reliability.

FAAC company is specialized in hydraulic gate operators and those products are the fundament of the company. Those operators made the manufacturer success and history proves it !

Hydraulic operator ? Great ! But for what kind of gate ?

If your gate is big, heavy and you use it often I can recommend you this kind of operator. Hydraulic operator can be installed on metal posts. The “D” dimension” can be 8 cm for 400 CBAC, 400 SB and 400 SBS, 5 cm for 402 CBC, 402 SBS and 400 CBC, and finally 4 cm for 422 CBC, 422 CBAC and 422 SBS.

Discover different gate operators from FAAC!

You wonder which operator will fit your gate? In the manufacturer offer you will find a couple of gate motor series: 400, 402, 422 and S450H. You can also find an underground S800H motor. The FAAC 400, 402 and 422 operators is powered with 230 V, S450H and S800H are hybrid 24 V openers.

What the abbreviations mean ?

All FAAC motors series have a number and a specification mark. What is the basic meaning ?

  1. CBC – The operator has a self locking system for closing.
  2. CBAC – The operator has a self locking system for closing and opening.
  3. SB – The operator is not self locking and you will need an electric lock.
  4. SBS – The operator is not self locking and you will need an electric lock for longer leafs.
  5. SBW – The operator is not self locking and you will need an electric lock. Motor is resistant to wind.


Ok, so what are the advantages and why should you consider buying a hydraulic motor ?
Imagine you can have a resistant, strong, and long living mechanism, and moreover you do not need to tend it all the time. Imagine the operator is almost indestructible and resistant to weather ? You also have a guarantee just in case !
Operators are designed to work in hard conditions (FAAC 402 from 40°to +55°C).
You need more proof ? You can install it very easily. For example FAAC 400 can perform up to 70 cycles per hour, and FAAC S450H can work continuously. Modern E045 and E145 control units allows to save electrical energy.

All of this justifies the price…

In sum

Now you know about all basic advantages of FAAC hydraulic operators. They are expensive, but worthy of the money.
Strong, reliable, an investment for a lifetime.


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