Choosing between fake and original gate automation systems

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We are flooded with deceptively high quality products and constantly tempted with low prices – but are cheap gate automation systems really as good as the original products made by renowned manufacturers? Do brands ensure a better quality of the product? Or maybe low-priced imitations work just as well or even better than their original counterparts?

Imagine you own a house with a garden, surrounded by a lovely fence with an elegant gate. To make your life more comfortable, you decide to install an automation system for you gate – after all it’s very convenient to operate the gate with a remote, without the unnecessary burden of leaving the car. One would even say that it’s a dream come true.

The choice between good and evil

The tale below, just like many ones before, is about choosing between good and evil. Unlike the endings of the tales that you may have heard before, the ending of this one is entirely up to you and depends on your choices. If you don’t wish to choose poorly, you’d better read our guide to picking the “right chalice”.

The poor choice

Not so long ago, in a hardware store not too far away, there was a consumer in a dire need of a gate automation system. No sooner had he entered the store than he was lured by an incredible bargain. It was a gate automation system, which was possibly made in China or any other labour-intensive counrty. The most important quality of this product was that it seemed like any other but its price was massively lower. Unfortunately for our consumer, the system was of poor quality. He couldn’t realize it yet, because this seemingly fantastic offer has completely blinded him from the truth. To top it all off, the system in the offer was indistinguishable from its renowned counterparts. Even more so to the misfortune of our consumer, the salesman, who could have revealed the offer for what it really was, decided to hide the true nature of the product and further deceive the consumer into thinking that it was just a extraordinary discount.

So satisfied was our consumer, that he wasn’t even bothered by the fact that it was entirely up to him to install the gate automation system. Unconcerned, he returned home. After a brief search on the internet, he stumbled upon a handyman, who was more than willing to install the system in exchange for either a small pouch of gold or a pint of ale. Unluckily, the handyman turned out to be completely unqualified for the job. Hardly had he left, when the gate system failed. Moreover, the handyman gave no warranty and any damage inflicted to the system by the actions of the consumer voids the right to return the product or demand a free repair. Slightly agitated, the consumer finds yet another handyman to fix the mistakes of his predecessor. Surprisingly, he succeeded, and the gate seemed to have worked perfectly. What the consumer was oblivious to, was the fact that the system was made of poor quality materials, which deteriorated with each passing day. It didn’t take long for the remote to stop working and the entire system quickly followed. The cost of replacements turned out to be even higher than purchasing a new system from a renowned manufacturer. The consumer wouldn’t quickly forget

The wise choice

Not so long ago in a store of a renowned manufacturer not too far away there was a different consumer also in a dire need of a gate automation system. The products there were admittedly more expensive than their counterparts that he had previously seen in a hardware store. He hesitated initially, but the excellent customer service and the wide range of perks helped him make up his mind.

A professional provided by the manufacturer with surgical precision picked the gate automation system, which perfectly suited the consumer’s needs. Additionally, he equipped the consumer with plenty additional products and services such as automatic blinds, alarms, solar systems, digital keypads induction loops, access card readers and smart-home solutions, which allow full control from a single device (such as a smartphone, a tablet or a remote).  This gate automation system could also be complemented with an extra battery, which is indispensable in the case of a power outage. Although the offer sounded incredible, the consumer was still concerned about the price of all those componenets. Being an assertive consumer that he was, he chose a few solutions he found the most useful and rejected the rest. To further alleviate his financial concerns, the professional offered an installment plan so that the consumer wouldn’t have to pay the whole price upfront.

Back at home, a certified specialist quickly yet securely installs the gate automation system and all its accessories. Moreover, the renowned manufacturer provided the consumer with a written warranty, which in case of any emergency guaranteed free repair without delay. Even after the warranty is no longer valid, the consumer would still be granted access to customer service and all replacement parts. On top of that the system was scheduled for an annual check-up and maintenance.

This durable, reliable, high quality system produced in compliance with all environmental, safety and efficiency standards would serve the consumer for decades to come.

The moral of the story

The moral of the story is that it isn’t always easy for the consumer to make the wise choice, for it is in some cases almost impossible to see real value for money of a given product. Sometimes a consumer might end up paying more just for the brand. However, more often than not, renowned brands guarantee a high quality, reliable and durable product, which is a result of years of experience and innovation expertise. This product is exactly what the consumer is looking for. An additional benefit of choosing a renowned manufacturer is exceptional and knowledgeable customer service.

Despite being aware of these things, many consumers succumb to greed and choose to purchase low quality imitations of original products offered at extraordinarily low prices. The consequences of this choice are but dire. While the offer may seem like a bargain, the difference in price is directly proportional to the difference in quality.

Will you choose poorly? Or will you choose wisely?


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