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Panne de courant

Do you have enough of power outages? Are you annoyed that you have to manually open and close your gate? Discover advantages of emergency power supply and avoid breaks in operation of your gate.

Power failure

Malfunctions in power supply have many reasons, but what they have in common is that they always happen at the least suitable moment. If you own automated gate that kind of “surprise” can be very annoying! A sudden power supply crash can be especially unfortunate in the case of housing estates and companies where heavy traffic requires the continuous functionality of the system.
To prevent such accidents manufacturers offer very simple solution… backup batteries.

Panne de courant

How it works? The fitting recharging card is installed in the control panel of 24V motor, to which specified amount of batteries is connected. Quantity of batteries depends on type of powering card and the size of the control panel. In some cases it is possible to install more cards, which provides even longer gate operator uptime during power outage. Remember that the batteries are only a backup, you will be able to open the gate a couple of times, maybe two or three. If you want to open the gate permanently without connection to power lines you will need a special system.


Optimal system

How to create the optimal system with emergency power supply? If you have suitable resources it is recommended to assemble independently powered automation. To make it happen, you will need a system with 24V electrical engines, emergency power supply and photovoltaic panels. With this setup, your gate will work in any conditions and will use a minimal amount of energy.

On our website we offer a perfect solution of this problem by NICE company.

Every manufacturer has his own system of backup power supply. Contact us for more details, we will be more than happy to help !


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