Nice products designed for the most demanding tasks

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Not only does Nice offer motors for every type of building automation but it also boasts a wide range of products designed for extremely intensive usage.  The most resistant products can be installed on the heaviest of gates. If you are interested in motors that can handle tough work, check out Nice products for industrial use.

Nice Tub moves tons!

Nice TUB

Nice Tub is a modern motor created especially for mounting on the heaviest (up to 3500 kg) sliding gates. It has a built-in Mindy A500 control unit and a torque of 190 Nm, which makes it perfect for industrial use. Nice Tub is equipped with an aluminium release mechanism (useful in case of a power outage).

Thanks to an additional PIU card, the control board functions can be extended to:

  • Partial opening function – you can open the gate partially to allow for pedestrian traffic
  • Possibility of installing the second line of photocells to increase the safety
  • Possibility of installing an electric lock – additional security device which blocks the gate leaf after closing
  • Temporary illumination function – it controls the warning light with an illumination function; you can illuminate the driveway within the property borders for 5  up to 250 seconds

Additionally, Nice Tub is equipped with a lever release.

Toona for intensive use

Nice Toona

The Toona family consists of third generation motors. They are extremely weatherproof because their case is made of aluminum covered with polyester paint. The inside of the Toona motor is carefully designed so that the noise level is reduced to a minimum. For extreme endeavors and adverse weather conditions Toona offers models with maximum power of 3200N. The bronze lead nut ensures durability and security.

The MC824H control board handles all of the most important functions of the Toona motors.  It is recommended to use it with two 24V motors equipped with an encoder. MC824H is compatible with BlueBus technology, which simplifies the installation process. Entire peripheral equipment is installed with a two-conductor system. It also makes the motors automatically remember the extreme positions of the gate and LED diodes signal the active functions. It can be programmed with only three buttons. The work mode and speed are adjustable. Thanks to the additional battery the motors can operate the gate even in the case of a power outage.


Nice Sumo for big sectional doors

nice sumo Su2000

Sumo is a series of motors by Nice made for the biggest sectional doors, whose surface area varies from 25 m2 to 35 m2. It’s a perfect solution for intensive exploitation. The installation of a Sumo motor is easy – it’s installed directly on the shaft of a sectional door. It is ideal for 25,4 mm shafts (montage for  1 ¼, 35 mm and 40 mm shafts is possible with an optional adapter). In the case of sliding doors, such a motor can be side-mounted using additional grips. Because of their small width (110 mm) Sumo motors can be installed nearly anywhere.

Nice Sumo motors are irreversible, which means that the door locks itself automatically when the motor stops, so there’s no need to lock it mechanically. On the other hand, encoder precisely sets the door parameters, so the mechanical stops are not required. Sumo motors are equipped with the function of reminding the owner about the periodic maintenance after a preset number of cycles.

There is a built-in accumulator,  so the motor can operate the door in case of a power outage.


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