Pros and cons of access control solutions (Part1)

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Access control for homes or other properties undoubtedly has numerous advantages. Not only does a properly secured entrance with a restricted access ensure privacy but also increases security of residents. Unauthorized intruders are prevented from entering the restricted area by all sorts of digital keypads, key switches, fingerprint identity sensors or access control card readers. In practice virtually all entrances can be secured by these solutions.

Currently every renowned manufacturer of entrance automation systems (such as CAME, NICE, FAAC, BFT or HÖRMANN) offers a wide array of access control solutions. Combined with, inter alia, a proper fence or blinds a regular home might just become an impenetrable fortress. The article below aims to outline advantages and disadvantages of each solution.

1. Digital keypads.

Digital keypads are an effective and popular solution of access control. Access is restricted via a personal and unique code. Absent the knowledge of the passcode entering is nearly impossible, for the keypad’s inner security thwarts any bypassing and code theft attempts. Moreover, the staggering amount of possible combinations enables the user to pick a truly unique passcode.




  • 16 million possible code combinations
  • possibilty of installing a wireless keypad
  • may be installed in a certain distance from the gate thanks to specialized aluminum columns
  • allows the user to keep usage logs
  • has the ability to store from 16 up to a 100 codes


  • allows for human error (a user may forget the password)
  • a passcode may be stolen

“Digital keypads with a personalized access code are one of the most effective access control solutions.”

2. Key switch

Another popular and highly personalized access control solution is the key switch. The aforementioned device allows the entrance to be accessed solely with a unique key. Much like digital keypads, this device can be flush mounted, which additionaly protects it from external factors such as adverse weather conditions and acts of vandalism.

KEY SWITCH  Nice Moseu



  • disassembly is impossible without the original key
  • can be mounted on columns
  • two entrances may be controlled with a single key switch
  • relatively cheap
  • high resistance to physical factors


  • key may be lost or stolen

“Another popular and highly personalized access control solution is the key switch.”

Digital keypads and key switches are the elemental means of access control. However, to cater for users in need of more advanced solutions, devices such as access control card readers and fingerprint identity sensors have recently been introduced.

To be continued…


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