Underground systems for swing gates – pros and cons

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This article will present advantages and disadvantages of an underground automation system so that you can decide if this system is the right solution for you.Underground motor

A gate safeguards your property and serves as the main point of entry. In order to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort of use many people choose to install gate automation systems, which allow the gate to be controlled remotely. However, the gate also brings out the unique style of you property so a gate automation system should not only be functional but also aesthetic and adapted to its surroundings. An underground motor fulfills all of these requirements.

An underground motor – how does it work?

Underground motor is a an automation system which is installed underground in a special foundation box (made of galvanized or stainless steel) under the bottom edge of the leaf. The foundation box is connected to the leaf with a mounting component, which serves as a hinge.

underground motor for swing gates

Disadvantages of an underground system

  • Price

    The only real disadvantage of the system is its price. It is on average 1.5 times greater than the price of other solutions. The cost of installation is usually higher as well.

  • Additional expenses in case of already existing gates

    When the underground system is to be installed and connected to an already existing gate, additional modifications may be required.

Advantages of an underground system

The underground gate automation system boasts a number of advantages:

  • Wide range of applications

    An underground motor can be used even in places where the installation of a standard motor is impossible, whether due to the gate’s construction method or due to an obstacle (a wall, a post etc.).

  • Quick and simple installation (if no modifications are required)

    The installation is accomplished in 3 simple steps. Firstly, one has to measure and select the appropriate solution (a qualified salesman of gate automation systems should help you make the right choice for your gate). Secondly, field works need to be carried out (excavations for foundation boxes and drainage). Thirdly, one must complete installations (connecting the gate motor, control board and safety accessories).

  • Aesthetics

    An underground system is a perfect choice if preserving the original gate’s appearance is a priority. The only visible part of the underground motor is the hinge. Hinges come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. This solution is made for those who pay extreme attention to the harmony of architectural details.

  • Durability

    A solid quality underground system hardly ever breaks down and properly maintained (annual check-up and maintenace) can last for decades.
    When choosing your underground automation system you’d better not consider the lowest possible price a priority. There is no use in buying this motor in an average hardware store. The motors there are often untrustworthy imitations usually lacking proper warranties and requiring you to install and service the system yourself. It is thus recommended that you purchase the system from a renowned and reliable manufacturer (such as CAME, FAAC, NICE, BFT, HÖRMANN, SOMFY or KEY).

  • Simplified servicing

    Should any malfunction occur, the motor can be easily removed from the foundation box, so no dismantling of the gate is necessary as would be the case with traditional gate motors.

  • Wide range of accessories

    A wide range of additional features, which make the automation system even more useful and comfortable, is now frequently offered by renowned manufacturers (such as CAME, FAAC, NICE, HÖRMANN, SOMFY, SOMMER and KEY). These include, but are not limited to:

    • mechanical deceleration system
    • accessories enlarging the gate opening angle up to 140° (or even 180° in some models)
    • automation systems for your home: automatic shutters, intercoms, alarms and smart-home solutions (remote control with a single device – a computer, a smartphone or a remote)
    • the automation system can also be supplemented with an emergency battery (indispensable in case of a power outage), solar modules, GSM modules, digital keypads, access card readers, sensitive edges and induction loops



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